The Switch!

 Hello fellow drinkers of the tap water,

We have moved! You may or may not be familiar with our old webhost, Teespring. Well, we have made the decision to switch to another host, Threadless. We have also moved from to You may have questions, and we have answers!


  1. Why did you leave Teespring?
    • Many reasons, the TL;DR of those being that Teespring just had a major update a few months ago which users could not opt out of, and it is extremely buggy. Also, the software is incredibly hard to work with, and it takes about 10x the effort just to add a product to the website. Teespring also has much fewer customization options, and it has fewer products available.
  2. Why did you choose Threadless?
    • Most simply because it's better in all accounts. It has buckets of features that Teespring doesn't have, namely customization, easy uploading of products, better domain, ( vs and more products available. It also has much better shirt and print quality upon testing, which was the biggest factor in the Switch. 
    • Threadless also has speedier deliveries, cheaper shipping costs, and better products overall.
  3. Why did you choose
    • It made more sense. is now my personal website, (work in progress) and is much more recognizable.
If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to email us at Have an amazing day!